3 easy but smart steps that should be followed:

1. Avoid brands that claim to be “Dr Oz” brands. As you may already know Doctor Oz does not endorse any brands and companies claiming otherwise are 100% frauds and should not be trusted.

2. Choose only supplements that are being manufactured in the United States, Canada or Europe. Due to strict regulations supplements manufactured in the mentioned regions are usually of a much higher quality. Higher quality = better results.

3. Do not expect to purchase forskolin for a dollar or two. Forskolin is expensive to produce and should cost at least $40-$45 per one bottle.

Brands That I Completely Trust and can Vouch For:

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Please note: high quality forskolin should have no side effects, but it should not be used while pregnant or nursing. Contact a physician if you have a serious medical condition but still want to use the supplement.

What is the Science Beyond Forskolin Extract?

You may have already heard about the natural supplement forskolin by now – after all, it’s become increasingly popular in the last few years among people who are looking to lose weight, help with asthma, reduce the negative side effect associated with heart disease, and treat a wide range of other common ailments. 

Forskolin Plant Picture
With so many natural supplements on the market today, it can be difficult to know which products produce the best results – however, forskolin has been used since the 1970’s, and has been recommended by many medical professionals for its plethora of health benefits. 

In fact, the supplement even featured on the popular syndicated television talk show, The Dr Oz Show, where the host recommended the product to blast belly fat. Other benefits of forskolin include increasing the amount of lean muscle mass on the body, and supporting metabolic function – both of which are ideal when trying to lose weight. This article explains the origins of this product, how it can help you to lose weight, and the other medical ailments it has been proven to help.

So, what exactly is forskolin?

Forskolin is a natural supplement which has been derived from the herb coleus forskohlii – part of the mint family of herbs – which can be found in Nepal, Thailand and Sri Lanka. In India, medical practitioners have used the herb for years to treat patients with heart disease, asthma, and other conditions. Researchers in the 1970’s isolated the chemically active ingredient in the herb and found it to have a positive effect on the muscles and blood pressure. During the 1980’s, 1990’s, and 2000’s, the supplement was used in nearly 20,00 studies because of its effect on a cell-regulating substance called cyclic adenosine monophosphate, or cAMP for short. 

Can the product help me lose weight?

Studies have shown that by increasing the cell-regulating substance cAMP, the supplement can cause the body to get rid of the fatty acids that are found in adipose tissue. These fatty acids are then burned off and transformed into an energy via the metabolic process. Both men and women across the world have already used the product, with many cases of people losing a significant amount of weight – sometimes in as little as a few weeks. Although the amount of weight loss will depend on the individual, research has shown that coleus forskohlii can help to burn fat quicker. 

What else can the product help with?

In addition to its fat-loss properties, the herb coleus forskohlii can also help with a wide range of other ailments:

+ Studies have shown that the supplement can help to treat inflammatory conditions such as eczema and asthma. These are often characterized by low cAMP levels in the skin and muscle, and taking the supplement can help to relieve the symptoms associated with these conditions. In one study undertaken in the 1980’s, 12 non-smoking volunteers either received forskolin or a separate drug called fenoterol. Although both improved respiratory function, fenoterol caused decreased blood potassium levels and caused tremors, while forskolin showed no negative side effect. 

+ Research has show that forskolin can also be beneficial when trying to improve cardiovascular health. Several studies have shown the effect the supplement can have on increasing the force of the heart muscle and relaxing the smooth muscle which surrounds the arteries in the body. These studies have focused into the effects the coleus forskohlii plant can have on cardiovascular function, and results have been extremely positive – for example, patients taking the supplement have reported lower blood pressure, an increase in oxygen transportation, and improved heart health. The product also didn’t cause any negative side effects in these individuals, making the supplement safe to consume. 

+ The product has also shown to treat patients with glaucoma, which is a disease that leads to loss of vision. In a study carried out during the 1980’s, individuals who were given the supplement in an eye-drop form showed significantly lower intraocular pressure without any constriction of the pupil or other side effects. 

+ Studies have also shown that the product could help with tanning the skin. Research undertaken in the 1970’s showed that applying coleus forskohlii in cream form to the backs of blonde mice could help turn them darker. This happened after just a few days of applying the product. Research also found that the more cream applied, the greater the UV protection, protecting the skin against the sun for as long as several weeks. The product worked its way out of the skin after a month of so once new skin cells developed. 

What research has been undertaken to suggest the products aids with fat loss?

Forskolin Formula

Research has shown that forskolin can help to activate cAMP cells in the body, which can aid in burning body fat.

+ Individuals who are looking to lose weight have incorporated the product into their diet, with research showing that the supplement can stimulate lipolysis – helping to speed up the breakdown of stored fat in the body. 

+ The supplement can also prevent the synthesis of fat by activating the cAMP cells. Studies have shown that many overweight people have a lower cyclic AMP production than other those in a healthy weight range, and supplementation of the product could act as a weight loss aid for those trying to reduce body fat. 

+ In one study, undertaken in 2001, six women who were classified as being overweight took 25 mg of 10% standardized forskolin extract in capsule form. The capsules were taken two times a day for eight weeks, and their progress was closely monitored. After the trial had ended, these women had lost an average of ten pounds and reduced their body fat by nearly 8% – a significant difference from when they started the study. 

+ Another study, undertaken in 2005, saw 30 men who were classified as overweight or obese. The men took either 250 mg of the extract, or a placebo, twice a day for 12 weeks. This study showed similar results to the one undertaken four years previously, and the men who took the extract showed significant changes in the composition of their body when compared with the placebo group. A decrease in fat mass and body fat was reported, as well as an increase in lean body mass. Other changes were shown in the obese men, ranging from an increase in serum free testosterone levels, and an increase in bone mass. 

Are there any side effects?

Forskolin has become increasingly popular as a weight-loss supplement in recent years, and scientists and medical professionals generally support the product’s ability to increase the amount of fat on the body. Coleus forskohlii is good for weight loss as it can increase the body’s own fat burning abilities, helping you to lose weight over a prolonged period of time. What’s more, the product doesn’t produce any harmful reactions or side effects. Many of these supplements available on the market today consist of natural ingredients, and when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, can help to produce the desired results. 

Although forskolin is considered safe, you should consult with your doctor if you are currently taking blood-thinning medication. The product has been shown to lower blood pressure, so it’s best you speak with a medical professional before you start taking the supplement. Again, if you do experience any negative side effects when taking the supplement, speak to a medical professional immediately. 

What else can I do to lose fat?

If you are looking for noticeable results in your body composition over a prolonged period of time, taking the supplement while incorporating healthier foods into your diet could bring you a plethora of benefits. Foods which are low in fat and high in protein could help you lose fat over time, especially if you refrain from eating fatty, processed, or sugary foods which can have a negative impact on the body. Changing your lifestyle can have a number of health benefits. In addition to increasing the amount of lean muscle on your body and reducing the amount of body fat, a healthy diet can lower blood pressure and prevent the negative symptoms of life-threatening medical conditions from developing in the future, for example heart disease, cancer or stroke. A healthy diet can also give you a boost of energy throughout the day, giving you a better night’s sleep and making you feel more alert in the morning. 

Healthy Lifestyle
How much of the supplement should I take?

How much forskolin you take on a daily basis will depend on the product you choose – always remember to read the instructions on the label carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any concerns or would like some additional information. Studies have shown that anywhere from 25 mg to 300 mg of coleus forskohlii every day can produce results, although there are no industry standards as of yet when it comes to the exact amount you should be taking.

Side effects from Weight Loss Supplements

How do I find a good coleus forskohlii product?

The process is similar like for garcinia cambogia supplement. Always look for a supplement that has at least 10% forskolin and take the capsules with water. The instructions on the label may tell you the best time to take the supplement – for example in the morning or during the day – or if you need to take the product on an empty stomach or with food. 

Further tips

Don’t expect instant weight loss. Like with any natural supplement or diet, weight loss can take time, so try not to feel despondent if you don’t see changes every day. A great way to track your progress is by weighing yourself only once a week, on the same day every week. Weighing yourself every day can lead you to become obsessive about your weight loss goals, and could have a negative effect on your mental health. Another tip is to ask your friends and family to help you realize your weight loss goals. They can encourage you to eat healthy foods alongside the forskolin supplementation, and you may even decide to workout together. 

Joining a gym can have a number of effects on your general health, as well as your mental health. Cardiovascular exercise, for example running on a treadmill several times a week, can help you to burn body fat even quicker. When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals called endorphins, also known as the body’s feel good chemicals, which can have a positive effect on your mental health. Remember – it may be hard getting into a new routine at first but after a few weeks, you will feel more alert and less tired, and slowly over time you will begin to see noticeable changes in the mirror. Even working out at home if you don’t have access to a gym can produce long-term results. Start off slowly and gradually develop an exercise plan that you can undertaken in addition to forskolin supplementation. You will be able to workout in the comfort of your own home, and can concentrate on exercises which strengthen the core muscles, tone the arms and legs, and help to banish any belly fat. 


Living The Healthy Lifestyle
Forskolin has been shown to have a number of health benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, eczema, asthma, and glaucoma, and assisting with weight loss. 

+ The herb coleus forskohlii can be found in Asia, and has been used by medical professionals in India for years to treat a wide range of different ailments. 

+ Studies show that the supplement can assist with natural weight loss, although you will need to continue to take the supplement over time to see the best results.

+ Supplementation of forskolin can boost cAMP production, which in turn can lead to better fat breakdown, and the reduction of body fat.

+ Combining exercise and a healthy diet alongside the supplementation can see even better results, and both can have a positive impact on your general and mental health in the long run.

+ Aim for a product with at least 10% forskolin to see the best results.

+ Studies have shown that taking between 25 mg to 300 mg of coleus forskohlii every day can assist with weight loss, although how much of the supplement you will need to take will depend on the brand that you purchase. Always consult with the manufacturer if you have any problem.

+ Although no side effects have been reported with this supplement, always consult your doctor before using the product if you are taking blood-thinning medication.

Disclaimer: use supplements at your own risk, your results may vary and you might not lose any weight. This website is based on personal opinion and information found online. No doctors, dietitians or scientists were used while creating this website. Actors were used. Always contact a professional physician if you have doubts before using supplements.